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Sexual Reintegration Therapy in Pasadena

The California Center for Healing offers comprehensive sexual reintegration therapy for people living in the Pasadena area of California. Sexual Reintegration Therapy, or SRT, is a type of therapy designed to assist couples who choose the difficult road of rebuilding their relationship after the discovery of sexual addiction by one of the partners.

Our psychologists have special training for interacting with sex addicts and those closest to them, which includes family members, children, and spouses. Many people experience a shock during the discovery of sex addiction, and they feel that things will never be the same again. Although this is true, there is a therapeutic model that can help you if you take the path of rebuilding the relationship.

Work with a Leading Sex and Relationship Therapist

Rebuilding a relationship or marriage can be incredibly challenging, so never hesitate to seek professional assistance from our qualified sex and relationship therapists at the California Center for Healing. We have experience working with many people in different situations. For example, one of our clients realized in her first session how much damage was done to her sense of sexuality once she decided to stay with her husband after the discovery took place. She wondered if rebuilding the entire marriage was even possible.

The SRT model works best when both partners are willing to do what it takes to build a new relationship from the ground up. This requires a deep commitment to starting over and going through a structured therapeutic approach. Even when both people are committed to the process of healing what’s been broken, the path can still be challenging.

Creating something new from the ashes of destroyed expectations and unrealistic dreams can be impossible without this professional couple's therapy model. SRT offers hope that there is a way through the pain and betrayal and into a new way of relating to yourself and your intimate partner. Contact us today to get started building a healthier relationship.

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