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Sex Therapy in Pasadena

California Center for Healing provides effective sex therapy services for clients living in the area of Pasadena. Our center is unique because of the professionals who work here. We have the only married couple certified sex therapist, sex addiction therapist, and doctorate-level psychologist in Pasadena. This gives our clients access to the finest resources in the world for dealing with a variety of underlying problems that ultimately drive sexual behavior and dysfunction. These protocols are exciting because they are effective in an area where many people give up. Our professional team has the expertise and experience necessary to guide clients through this process.

Pasadena Sex Therapist

A compassionate and experienced sex therapist can help both individuals and couples interested in receiving treatment at California Center for Healing. Professional help is available to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan based on established protocols that get results. We usually advise new clients to plan on meeting weekly before progressing on an as-needed basis.

Our services are appropriate for people dealing with a range of relationship problems.

This includes the following:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Issues with sexual desire
  • Sexual frequency and initiation patterns
  • General sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction
  • Other sexual arousal issues

Our services can help you to address unhealed childhood wounds. This can potentially transform the way you interact with other adults in your life, and it opens new possibilities. Many people learn how to handle relationship challenges in a way that makes it possible to grow as a person while also taking care of legitimate needs, so contact us today.

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