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Sex Addiction Therapy & Compulsive Sexual Behavior Treatment in Pasadena

California Center for Healing offers the most effective form of sex addiction therapy to adults in Pasadena. Both Dr. Bill Bercaw and Dr. Ginger Bercaw are certified in providing compulsive sexual behavior treatment and counseling. Individuals who struggle with sexual addictions often face a situation where the stakes are incredibly high. They might stand to lose a partner, children, or a career unless the treatment is effective. Our experts have a detailed understanding of what it takes to recover from sex addiction.

Examples of sexual addiction may include online porn, serial affairs, prostitution, cybersex, phone sex, strip clubs, and more. Our services begin with an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan. We use a therapeutic protocol that is known to get results. We tackle the underlying issues, and this makes our approach more effective than other therapeutic systems.

Therapy for Sex Addicts

Individuals, partners and family members can all benefit differently from our therapy for sex addicts available at the California Center for Healing. These services are available to the individual, but we also offer help for the addict’s suffering partner, children, or affected family members. We recognize that this behavior can have a profound effect on the people who are closest to the sex addict. We offer age-appropriate therapies in cases where children are suffering as a result of the behavior of a parent, for example, to keep an unhealthy behavioral cycle from perpetuating throughout the next generation.

Children readily perceive problems with parents. This includes unspoken tension, vocal cues, preoccupation, and general feelings of distance or malcontent. Some children might even experience trauma by discovering sexual materials used by one of their parents. This creates an uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy living environment. Instability in the home can lead to an unhealthy pattern of behavior by a child driven by anxieties, fears, and feelings of betrayal.

We can help to intervene in the situation with expert guidance. This includes helping parents who are trying to figure out how much to disclose to the children. It is normal for parents to have concerns about how much to talk to children about relationship problems, for example. We can provide invaluable assistance during these difficult decision-making times, which can affect the children for many years into the future. Contact our center today to make your first appointment.

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