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Couple's Therapy and Individual Therapy in Pasadena

The California Center for Healing offers clients seeking couple’s therapy with a compassionate and holistic approach for counseling in Pasadena. We also provide individual therapy for clients struggling to improve their part in their relationships. Our services can improve your ability to navigate, negotiate and resolve conflicts with a spouse, partner, children, and relatives.

People in any type of domestic relationship can experience the frustration of having unmet needs. This might include spiritual, sexual, and financial needs. Partners can experience these conflicts in many types of living arrangements: marriages, domestic partnerships, and live-in couples.

Dr. Bill Bercaw and Dr. Ginger Bercaw provides counseling and therapy to address the issues couples and individuals may face in their relationships, from jealousy to codependency. Many people associate codependency with spouses who can’t make decisions. However, the signs of codependency - an inability to make decisions, a lack of healthy boundaries, or enmeshment - can be present in many non-conventional relationships. Dr. Bill and Dr. Ginger are here to help anyone in any relationship work to overcome codependency and other obstacles.

Marriage Therapists

The California Center for Healing work with two types of couples: those whose marriages are in a state of crisis, usually due to infidelity, and those who recognize a not-so-crisic need to cultivate a stronger connection in their Bedrooms and their Living Rooms.

Couple's Therapy

People in any type of relationship can experience the frustration of having unmet emotional, sexual, spiritual and financial wants and needs. Drs. Bercaw are here to help.

Individual Therapy

Of course, we also work with individuals: persons seeking sex addiction treatment, spouses and partners of sex and love addicts, and individuals who are simply seeking to change long-standing areas of difficulty in their lives. For many people, their unhealed traumas affect the way they interact with partners, children, extended relatives, and coworkers. Associated issues often include a lack of healthy boundaries, emotional dysregulation, self-esteem obstacles, explosive anger, codependence, and enmeshment.

We offer the following service to assist clients who are actively seeking to improve their relationships:

Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts

Many people will begin a relationship with another person without thinking that sexual addiction could become a problem. Discovery can lead to intense feelings of betrayal and confusion, and many partners and spouses tend to engage in self-blame. However, sexual addiction has deep roots in underlying trauma, and it can be helpful to learn more about your partner’s history.

Sexual Dysfunction or Dissatisfaction

Our clients receive compassionate therapeutic services when dealing with difficulties with sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and intimacy problems. Many clients are relieved to find that these issues are not uncommon, so simply seeking help is often a beneficial experience.

Sexual Addiction

Some people experience unhealthy sexual addictions, and this is often connected to an unresolved sexual trauma that happened early in life. There are many ways sexual addiction can manifest, and this includes things like online porn, affairs, prostitution, phone sex, strip clubs, cybersex, and more. If the behavior is having a harmful effect in your life, help is available at the California Center for Healing.

Couples therapy and individual therapy is a process that can have a profound effect on how you think, feel and interact with others, so contact us today to get started on your healing journey.

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