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Workshops The California Center for Healing offers the following workshops

Boundaries Workshop

You will leave this 90 minute workshop with a whole new understanding of the concept of “Functional Boundaries.” This understanding will help you identify your tendencies to order off of the “Kid’s Menu” when relating with your partner and how to clear the path back to the “Adult Menu” where the choices are more numerous and always more appealing. You will learn a communication model that will help you to take good care of yourself when receiving your partner’s reality, and to share your truth with your partner honestly and from a position of equality. There is a clear “before and after” feeling when you realize just how powerful this model is when you apply it to your relationship.

Please contact us for the next scheduled event or view our calendar.

Beyond the Birds and Bees

Dr. Ginger Bercaw’s highly acclaimed series helps parents become their children’s trusted allies in one of the most important areas of their young lives: Their changing bodies and their growing awareness of their sexuality. Workshops are held specifically for ages preschool-7 years old, 8-10, 11-14, and 14-18.

They are usually held in either of two settings: Dr. Ginger’s Pasadena office or a private setting  where the hostess opens her home to her similarly interested friends.

Please contact us at the California Center for Healing if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your home (Hosts receive the entire series free of charge. Minimum attendees: 15). Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Ginger directly at

(626) 375-9483
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