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From the Living Room to the Bedroom

True or False

“If our relationship, including our sex life stayed exactly as it now, I would be happy for the rest of my life!”

If you can’t answer “true,” to the question above, it may be comforting to know you have LOTS of company. It may be even more reassuring to know that there is something you can do right now to change your answer. Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw have developed a treatment model called “CoupleFlow” that has allowed hundreds of couples to make lasting improvements in their sexual intimacy. This proven method blends sensual and erotic experiences with deep emotional connection. The Bercaws have taken the most impactful couple’s exercises from their model and packaged them in six clearly defined, easy to follow steps in their new book, “From the Living Room to the Bedroom: The Modern Couple’s Guide to Sexual Abundance and Lasting Intimacy.”

This book introduces the concept of Sexual Abundance, which is an intimacy-based, renewable and energized sexual connection. When couples experience Sexual Abundance, sexuality is aligned with the connection in the living room of their relationship and is in harmony with the other areas of their lives. CoupleFlow provides a proven formula for experiencing Sexual Abundance.  It guides couples through a step-by step program that emphasizes intentionally giving your relationship the direction it needs to achieve significant relationship gains and to keep growing together in an ongoing way.

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