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The Help You Need: Drs. Bill & Ginger Bercaw, Licensed Clinical Psychologists

Drs. Bill & Ginger Bercaw created The California Center for Healing in Pasadena, CA to serve couples and individuals with expert, specialized treatment. Moreover, our licensed clinical psychologists deliver those services with an abundance of compassion and professionalism. The Bercaws have helped thousands of people in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond achieve newfound satisfaction and healing in their relationships and personal lives. What sets them apart is that they are the ONLY licensed clinical psychologist married couple with certifications in Sex Therapy and Sex Addiction Therapy (and Dr. Ginger is Pasadena’s only Certified Partner Trauma Therapist).

Both Alumni of Pepperdine University’s Doctorate in Psychology program, the Bercaws have two decades of private practice experience, two best-selling books, and many media appearances as relationship experts. As leaders in their field, Dr. Bill and Dr. Ginger offer a unique blend of clinical expertise that allows them to successfully work with couples and individuals in a holistic and complete way. Whether you are in an immediate crisis or seeking to work on persistent, long-standing obstacles to relationship satisfaction, the Bercaws possess the experience and expertise to support you.

Counseling Services

Whether in crisis or simply being proactive, Drs. Bercaw offer individual, couples, group and intensive therapy.

Learn more by exploring our specialized services in the boxes below:

Sex Addiction Therapy

Clients receive comprehensive assessment and treatment using the latest instruments and protocols.

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Partner Trauma Therapy

Spouses and partners of sex addicts need their own support and Dr. Ginger is the only Certified Partner Trauma Therapist in the Pasadena area.

Sexual Reintegration Therapy

The Bercaws developed this model to provide a structured roadmap for couples wishing to reconstruct their relationship in the wake of betrayal.

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Sex Therapy

Drs. Bercaw are Certified Sex Therapists and can help you to address areas of sexual dissatisfaction and/or dysfunction

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Individual & Couples Therapy

California Center for Healing offers individual and couples’ therapy to anyone in need.

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Dr. Bill offers his “Men’s Group for Sexual Integrity” and Dr. Ginger offers her “T.R.U.S.T” group (for spouses and partners of sex addicts)

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Our 4-day SRT Couples Intensive is an efficient way for couples to accelerate their healing process and break through emotional and sexual barriers.

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Contact Our Certified Sex Therapists Today

Whether you want to resolve your issues with sexual dissatisfaction or are currently struggling with sex addiction, our certified sex therapists are here to help. The California Center for Healing’s approach to sex therapy and relationship counseling helps clients overcome the obstacles they face. We are most well-known for our Sexual Reintegration Therapy™ (SRT) treatment model, specifically designed to heal the damage in a relationship due to sex addiction.

At the California Center for Healing, we are passionate about helping clients cultivate their intimate relationships. We are here to provide the support you need. Get in touch with us today to take the first step to a happy and healthy life. 

Individual and couples therapy

Whether seeking a marriage therapist or an individual therapist, California Center for Healing can help.

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Pasadena’s California Center for Healing’s Our Books for You

What couples are saying

Excerpts from notes and emails we’ve saved from our clients throughout the years.

I literally did not know what to do when I reached out to Ginger. I had just found out about my husband’s chronic infidelity (but didn’t yet know it was sex addiction) and my life was completely turned upside down. Dr. Ginger helped me understand what I was experiencing through the lens of trauma and she guided me through those dark early months with an incredible balance of expertise and empathy. Her husband, Bill, worked with my husband and helped him establish a recovery program that turned his life around and also gave me a basis for reestablishing trust. Ginger and Bill brought us together for powerful couples exercises every once or twice a month in the beginning, then more frequent couples sessions as we made our way through SRT. They customized the model for us, and made sure that the pace was manageable and productive. I can honestly say our marriage is stronger now than it ever was in every way. I would highly recommend the Bercaws to my closest friends and family members because I know they would be in the best hands possible.”

– K and D (Burbank, CA)

We had been to other couples therapists before, and they were all helpful in some way. But we had never really gotten the depth and direction that we did from you. You helped us discover why we kept going around the same block in our conflicts and guided us to newfound heights in our sex life. I can honestly say our marriage has never been better, and we know exactly what we need to do to keep it that way. We will always have you to thank.

– J and C (Pasadena, CA)​

To think of how far we’ve come from that day I found out… it just blows my mind. Your gentle but clear guidance and your patience with us through all our ups and downs is something I will never forget.

– Kate (Los Angeles, CA)​​​​

As you may recall, we contacted you because things had not been going well in the bedroom for years and we knew we had to do something different. I’m so glad my therapist knew of you and suggested we look you up. The four day intensive you set up for us literally ended up changing our lives. What we learned about boundaries and how that led to us sharing more openly and honestly with each other than ever before was worth the trip to Pasadena in and of itself! You helped us address sexual troubles that we were beginning to feel hopeless about – so much so that we went home feeling entirely hopeful. We felt truly cared for by you both and can’t thank you enough for everything you helped us with.

– Marisa (Boston, MA)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The PIEs in your program were extremely powerful. They made it easy for us to know what to do and always left us in a much better place than before we stared.

– Brad and Kimberly (NY, NY)

We knew we had come a long way since I got into recovery, but when it came to our sex life things were not clicking for us. We found your book and within 10 pages I had a surge of hope. I could not believe you had written about US! SRT was exactly what we needed to allow us to create a shared sexuality that really worked for each of us. For someone wha had such a long history of sexual behaviors, I was amazed at how much I had to learn about healthy sexuality. I feel so fortunate to have found your book and hope that every couple who has struggles as we have finds it too.

– Marc (Pittsburgh, PA)​

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